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Resin Flooring Site is designed as a FREE resource, for whenever you need help and assistance, advice or guidance for resin flooring in your new construction or refurbishment project, anywhere in the UK or overseas, no matter what the nature, size or details of your resin flooring requirements. You can also call one of our resin flooring specialists at our Head Office on 01257 266696 and they will be happy to help you. As fully independent Materials Consultants and one of the UK’s leading resin flooring product and system suppliers, we provide system selection and specification advice, plus fast and reliable nationwide supply and delivery services – direct or through our regional distribution offices, site surveyors and specialist contractors. Alternatively, we can train and support your own works team to correctly install many of these resin flooring systems. Whichever way works best for you and your project, through our purchasing power, your resin flooring supplies will also be at the best possible prices. Please email or call 01257 266696 for more information.

Resin Flooring Requirements:

When a high-performance resin floor is required and a durable, long-lasting floor finish is to be achieved, then it is important to select the right resin flooring system and its build-up with the component resin flooring products. This must be done carefully and with expert advice – All resin flooring systems are very definitely NOT the same. A generic ‘Resin floor’ type or generic type of ‘Resin floor system' specification, such as simply stating the floor can be an ‘epoxy’ or ‘self-levelling resin floor’ are totally inadequate descriptions as these can be met by resin flooring materials with very different thicknesses, widely varying performance characteristics and therefore durability, plus of course - and usually very importantly, – the cost, service life and sustainability!

The requirements for the resin flooring system on any project must be much more specific and detailed, in order to select the right type of resin flooring, the right resin flooring system, the right resin flooring product build-up, plus the right resin floor thickness and detailing solutions for each area of each project.

Typical industrial resin flooring requirements include providing hygienic and easy to clean and decontaminate surfaces, coping with exposure to aggressive chemicals from processing or spillages, plus areas subject to heavy impact and/or frequent traffic on the floors. The right resin flooring system for each area must therefore be selected according to their specific exposure, plus the conditions and any limitations for the installation of the resin floor system, as well as the service life required and the ease of eventual maintenance or replacement.

As mentioned earlier on other pages of this website - All resin flooring products and systems are most definitely NOT the same, which means expert advice on the most appropriate solutions for your specific project in your specific industry and facility, is of critical importance for long term success.

Additional Resin Floor Selection, Specification and Detailing Support

NCC’s Resin Flooring experts help with guidance and advice in all areas of floor preparation and detailing – For some initial information on these important aspects please see the ‘Floor Surface Preparation’ page and the ‘Resin Flooring Contractors’ page of this website.

Resin Flooring Site is the specialist online resin floor information and support centre that is completely independent of any resin flooring manufacturer, resin flooring contractor or resin flooring trade association or other interested group. Resin Flooring Site has been created and provided by NCC Materials Consultants and Distributors, the UK’s leading distributor of specialist chemical products for building and construction works, where a combination of all types of resin flooring forms the largest part of our business. NCC has now been established with our head office in Chorley for more than 30 years. Today our technical team in our combined technical offices and depots around the country have unrivalled expertise with a combined total of more than 120 years’ experience, in the UK’s Specialist Resin Flooring market.

The Independent Resin Flooring Information Centre for the UK

We identified a need for a truly ‘Independent’ and specialist support centre that is not really just a front for a particular resin floor Manufacturer or Contractor - THERE IS NOT ONE SINGLE MANUFACTURER OR CONTRACTOR THAT PRODUCES OR CAN EXPERTLY INSTALL ALL RESIN FLOORING MATERIALS.

This is particularly important to understand as so many people claim to be the ‘Masters of ALL Resin Flooring’ – Quite Simply - They are not! It is very dependent on the needs of your specific product and requirements, which resin floor and which resin flooring contractor is the most suitable and cost effective and expedient – Sometimes you may even be able to do the job yourself if it is a resin floor painting requirement – see also our sister website

Therefore this website and the independent information it contains is designed for FREE OF CHARGE use by building and facility owners, their managers and their professional construction team including architects, engineers and surveyors, as well as all of the different facilities, building and maintenance contractors that may be involved in a project. As these people are not necessarily involved in resin flooring works every day, they have a need for a reliable source of independent information and advice in relation to all things ‘Resin Flooring’ – And so we have created and maintain this Resin Flooring Site.

Resin Flooring Site contains independent practical advice and technical information on the most important aspects and the many different types of synthetic resin flooring materials, including guidance on selecting the most suitable resin flooring system according to the detailed requirements and criteria for your specific project. This means understanding and considering the specific advantages and disadvantages of the different resin flooring technologies, in terms of both their application characteristics and often most importantly, their limitations, and then their performance and likely durability in service.

Please browse the different pages of our website with information about the different aspects of resin flooring, including the main selection criteria to be considered, the alternative materials and products available for resin flooring, the necessary surface preparation, specification and detailing solutions. These include our ‘Floor Surface Preparation’ pages and our ‘Resin Flooring Contractors’ page, plus we have included copies of the most commonly used floor colour standards, with the British Standards BS 4800 and international RAL Standards based Resin Flooring Colour Charts. For more information and to view these colour charts, please refer to our ‘Resin Floor Colours’ page

NCC’s Resin Flooring Site is designed to provide technical assistance and support your new and refurbishment resin flooring projects, with NCC’s additional FREE on-site support also available as part of our overall commitment to outstanding customer service. Please follow the links on the page and/or use the tabs and dropdown menus above, to take you to your specific areas of interest. Alternatively, please email us at or you can call our resin flooring experts on 01257 266696 for specific advice and assistance on any aspect for your project.