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Resin Bonded Finishes

External Resin Bonded Surfacing

Resin bonded surfacing is used to create the look of natural gravel or other stone finishes without the inconvenience, noise and nuisance of loose gravel or chippings that move and are displaced or thrown up dangerously when trafficked.

Resin Bonded Surfacing can be applied to most hard landscaping and paved substrate bases such as concrete, asphalt or old paving, provided they are stable, sound, and the surfaces are cleaned and suitably prepared to allow a mechanical bond with the resin primer and/or base layer. Dependent on the type of aggregates broadcast onto the surface, a resin bonded finish can provide superb slip resistance and hardwearing grip and traction for both pedestrians and vehicular traffic, with an economical cost and very cost-effective performance.


Resin bound surfacing also greatly enhances the area's appearance, with almost unlimited design possibilities in terms of colour, shape, form and finished texture.

In fact resin bonded surfacing is similar to broadcast internal flooring with Types 1 to 4 Built-up systems, though externally the resin used is normally a UV light resistant and non-yellowing polyurethane (PU) rather than the epoxy resin based systems that are used internally. Resin bonded systems tend to use larger and coarser aggregates for optimal slip and skid resistance, plus these are not normally sealed with a topcoat, though all things are possible and this is another coloured and even more durable option, though with additional resin being used, the cost will also increase and resin bound surfacing maybe a better option. It should also be noted that unlike resin bound surfacing, resin bonded finishes are not designed to be permeable and drainage to falls must be provided where necessary.


Resin bonded surfacing can be suitable for many different domestic, commercial, and public areas. This includes being used as a feature or design component of larger hard landscaping schemes, the provision of clearly designated car parking areas, increasing the slip resistance for pedestrians and traffic on areas of ramps, and loading platforms or loading areas for example, as well as for designated pedestrian walkways and cycle paths and many other areas. A typical example from the Addagrip range is:

  • Addastone Resin Bonded Surfacing
  • Addastone is the Addagrip brand of Resin Bonded Surfacing and this system provides an attractive, hard wearing and low maintenance surface for use in many different areas and applications as outlined above. Typically these will all involve bonding loose natural or synthetic aggregates to concrete, asphalt, timber or metal substrates. Applications include many types of projects from upgrading and improving the slip resistance of domestic driveways, to meeting anti-skid, anti-slip and safety demands on prestigious heritage sites.

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