Hard Landscaping

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Hard Landscaping Solutions

NCC Streetscape is the hard landscaping specialist member of the NCC Group and is active on all types of paving and hard landscaping projects throughout the UK and ROI – especially with the unique market leading technology of GftK’s vdw Paving Joint Mortars and Patio Grouts from GftK GmbH in Germany. NCC’s specialist hard landscaping expertise also includes paving cleaning and paving sealing technologies to solve staining and stone surface protection and enhancement issues for our paving customers. The NCC Streetscape range also extends to resin based surfacing systems including the so-called resin bound and resin bonded surfacing system solutions for permeable domestic and commercial driveways and many other domestic, commercial, and public authority areas of hard landscaping.


NCC Streetscape was formed specifically to provide these specialist GftK paving joint mortars and to provide technical support, distribution, and training for their use by professional paving contractors, civil engineers, and competent DIY’ers. There is some initial information and an introduction with some examples on these pages to illustrate the breadth of NCC Groups expertise and experience in the UK resins market, plus you can visit our UK hard landscaping focussed website https://www.nccstreetscape.co.uk/ where there is extensive information, including many case studies and videos for training and to show the materials installation on different types of paving projects from patios to driveways, to shopping centres and market squares, all around the UK.